Articles and Feedback

The article called ¨What Did You *Think* They Do With Your Data¨ is about how how other apps or website that uses your data, even though the company´s said its for ¨free.¨ For example, Accuweather says that you have free weather, anywhere, anytime, by the hour, even though they actually take some of your data as a trade. Same thing for ¨free¨ service e-mail, social medias and anything ¨free¨ everything. The author of this article is basically having strong opinions against giving away data for something that was supposedly ¨free¨ and what they are doing with that data. Like asking your location and saying things that will confuse, such as accessing to something other and under what circumstances. In this article called ¨For $1,000, Anyone Can Purchase Online Ads To Track Your Location And App Use¨ the author talks about how people are concern with their privacy being not so private anymore thanks to sharing (more like taking) information about yourself and online advertising companies …

Microchips In Humans

Microchips can benefit our society and our everyday lives. For instance, you’ll never again have to worry about losing your wallet and in emergencies, medical personnel will have easy access to your health data. Plus, you’ll be able to store more data in smaller places to save room. Parents will not be worried about their children wandering off. Unfortunately, as there are pros to many things, there is also cons. For instance, microchips may make us prime targets for people with bad intentions, like hackers who will steal your money or your identity. Human microchipping brings up lots of ethical and moral questions. The implanting might cause problems in the human body if not handled carefully and microchips might take away our freedom of choice. I predict that somewhere down the line of time, everyone will have microchips implanted because, as humans, we always take the easier route to benefit our self-interest as much as possible. But today, these implanting are only voluntary and ex…


Given a pile of pens, find and discard the ones that do not write any more.
Pick a pen from pileTry to write pen on paperIf pen does not write on paper    Then throw it in trash    Go back on line 2If pen does write on paper    Keep in a separate pile    Go back on line 2No more pens    Then you are done